anti ageing face serum and anti ageing face cream
Using Primers that fight ageing

Written by - Ujjvala Who would like to have a makeup malfunction, especially on a big day? At times, the foundation starts creasing or gets absorbed into the skin and leaves a white-matty finish. T...

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Ingredients that work for Pigmentation of the skin
Ingredients that work for Pigmentation of the skin

Written by -  What are the causes for the pigmentation of the skin? Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for the colour of your skin. Uneven skin tone can be presented either as hypopigmentatio...

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Facial Serums for glowing skin
Face serum for oily and acne-prone skin

Oily Skin Oily skin, also known as seborrhea is a result of overproduction of serum from sebaceous glands.These glands are dispersed in most of the religion of your body.Yet it is highly concentrat...

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acne causes, symptoms, and treatment
Milia: What are the Milia? What are the causes and symptoms of Milia? How to treat Milia?

Have you ever observed small whitish or yellowish bumps on your face that are similar to pimples? If yes, then let's try to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment of those small white bumps...

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Hyperpigmentation Face Serum

 There are a pool of products out there with many permutations and combinations of ingredients to help you achieve even skin tone. You might have dark spots from acne or hormonal melasma, but whate...

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best moisturiser for dry skin
What Are Peptides and What Do They Do for Skin?

Written By - Vaishnavi Gopal You've probably heard about peptides as an anti-ageing must-have for smoothing, repairing, and hydrating skin, but have you ever wondered what a peptide is and what it ...

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sensitive acne prone skin
All that you need to know about sensitive, acne-prone skin.

-Written by Ujjvala Before using a new skincare product, it is essential to test it on the skin to check if there are any allergic or adverse reactions. People with Sensitive skin must test the pro...

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acne dark spots face wash
Simple Routine For Dark Spots Caused By Acne

Wriitten by- Ujjvala Breaking out all through the year is something familiar to all oily skin owners, but what is more frustrating are the dark spots that are left behind. We know that acne is caus...

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 Allergic Reaction of skin - suganda
How to Treat an Allergic Reaction to a Skincare Product

Shampoo, cosmetics, cologne, and skincare products can all make you feel like you're on top of the world. They may also irritate the skin and cause an allergic reaction. Your skin will usually reac...

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face serum for acne dark spots removal
Concealers for acne - everything you must know!

When it is about makeup, people with acne-prone skin suffer the most. Makeup is an important part of our daily routine. Since acne-prone skin is sensitive, you must choose the products you use wise...

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