Concealers for acne - everything you must know!

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When it is about makeup, people with acne-prone skin suffer the most.

Makeup is an important part of our daily routine. Since acne-prone skin is sensitive, you must choose the products you use wisely. Especially when it comes to makeup base. Choosing concealers, colour correctors and foundation could be a task for those with acne-prone skin. Certain ingredients could worsen the existing acne or welcome more breakouts.

You must take care of specific things while you purchase any certain product. Also, there are other intermediary points that one needs to take care of while make-over to save the day.

What to look for while choosing your concealer?

  • It should be non-comedogenic -
  • If you have oily and acne-prone skin, your concealer must come with a non-comedogenic label. It must be oil-free to prevent clogged pores from resulting in further breakouts.

  • Look for its ingredients -
  • The ingredients are the most important to look out for. Make sure the formula you choose is just the right one for your skin type or else it could cause you a disaster. For those with congested pores, products with salicylic acid can help. Also, check for the sulfur content as it is anti-inflammatory for acne-prone skin. The silicone-free product could solve the problem.

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  • Protection against the sun -
  • Go for the product with SPF. Sun protection is an important feature you must look at when it is about makeup.

  • Go for liquid formula -
  • A lightweight, the liquid formula works best for acne-prone skin types, without messing up with the makeup. This type of concealer will not clog your pores, it's easy to apply and gives buildable coverage from light to the full.

    Here are some skincare tips, one with acne-prone skin, which must consider when you apply makeup on your face. 

    Before Makeup Do’s -

    • Wash your face with warm water - The most important step you must not skip at any cost is cleansing. Go with a slightly acidic cleanser, since you’ve acne-prone skin.
    • Exfoliate your skin, you can go with deep cleansing masks rather than physical scrubs. You can always opt for Salicylic or hyaluronic acid-based masks.
    • Moisturizing is an important step - With acne-prone skin, always go for oil-free, niacinamide or hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer. 
    • Use a primer and appropriate colour corrector beforehand.

    Thumb rule while you apply makeup - Forbid applying heavy cream products and dust powder products over live active acne, as this will increase the inflammation and worsen the condition. 

    Another important point to remember is that while most makeup will not cause acne, not removing it will. So you must have strict makeup removal and aftercare.

  • Cleanse cleanse cleanse! 
  • You must remove all of your makeup and cleanse your skin. You can use a squalane cleanser + Salicylic acid. This would help rejuvenate your skin with antioxidants and will attract moisture at the same time. Most importantly, calming down the skin after your hectic day!

  • Toning is a priority!
  • You can opt for an alcohol-free toner for your skin or you can just look up to the niacinamide based serum for your night care routine after makeup removal. This will soothe your skin, limit sebum production and reduce inflammation. Niacinamide Serum is a blessing for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

  • Do not miss moisturizing!
  • Moisturizing your skin is the essential step you mustn't miss at all. However, choose your moisturizer wisely. No heavy cream and oil-free moisturizer are recommended. Go with PHA or BHA based moisturizer, for calm, hydrated and balanced skin.

  • Do not forget your lips!
  • Lips must be taken care of along with the skin. Use a nourishing Lip balm. It's just a healer for your dry and chapped lips. 

    You must give your lips the punch of hydration as well! 

    Choose wisely and stay healthy!