The Story Behind Suganda

It all started in 2010 when the founder, Bindu Amrutham, found herself in a tough spot as both she and her son were suffering from acute skin problems, and none of the products available locally were helping out. In the end, she had to resort to finding answers in international products, which, while effective, were very harsh on the skin. She then took it upon herself to learn about the science that went behind these problems as well as their particular solutions, researching ingredients and enrolling herself in one cosmetic formulation course one after another. Subsequently, with sheer determination and the unrelenting will to help people, she created Suganda with the vision of providing skincare solutions that were effective while being undeniably gentle on the skin.

Our Belief System

We believe that people deserve to feel confident in their own skin, very literally. Skin conditions come with both physical and emotional pain, and we want to provide effective skincare solutions that alleviate that pain, turning the concept of ‘happy, healthy skin’ into reality.

What sets Suganda apart?

Every Suganda product is formulated keeping three things in mind :

It should be effective and do what it claims, i.e. to resolve your skin concerns.It should include restorative properties to slow down the signs of skin ageing. It should be extremely gentle on the skin and not cause any further damage to it.
Fueled by these principles, we work persistently to ensure that you get functional skincare solutions that both prevent and cure your skin troubles with the potent combination of proven natural ingredients and clinical science.

How it all comes together

All Suganda products are produced in-house in an atmosphere of complete transparency and careful quality control. The founder, Bindu, ensures her active involvement in every step of the process - from the ethical sourcing of ingredients to the actual formulations of these products.