1. Clean your face in the evening just before you go to sleep. Use a Gentle Cleanser. When you over cleanse your skin, your skin goes into reactive mode, causing more breakouts or getting more dry and aging faster. If you do only one thing this is it!
  2. Don’t use cleanser in the morning; just splash water over your face. Or use a herbal mask.
  3. Hot water can be slightly damaging to the skin so always wash face regular water
  4. Use a hydrating serum or moisturiser rich in hyaluronic acid. Even if you are oily don’t skip skin hydration. Well hydrated skin is less prone to acne, sun damage and other irritations.
  5. If you are dry skinned use a face oil or a rich cream on top of hydrator to seal the moisture inside.
  6. Use proven Anti-Oxidants like Vitamin C, E, Niacinamide, Green tea to reduce sun damage and  environmental protection.
  7. Use Exfoliants regularly. I am talking about sugar scrubs or Apricot scrubs they are not suitable for facial skin. Use Skin dissolving exfoliants like Honey, Lactic Acid, Salicylic acid, Papaya. When you use gentle exfoliants regularly you keep your pores clear and wrinkles at bay.
  8. Be regular with your sunscreen. But choose a lighter consistency sunscreen. Both Chemical sunscreens /  Physical Sunscreen are safe on skin so choosing a lighter consistency one if you are prone to breakouts or Milia(tiny bumps).
  9. Take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Daily Exercise of 30 min can keep skin upto 15 years younger. Regular sleep of 7-8 hrs is so essential especially when you enter 30’s.

Natural and Organic Skincare Formulator Bindu Amrutham says Adult Acne is real.

“We have been told that acne creams are for teenage and oily skin and anti aging is for dry skin and women over 30. But Adult acne is real. And teenage acne treatments are over drying and sunscreens and anti aging creams cause more breakouts.”


But after years of study in Natural and Organic skincare formulation and Science, Bindu Amrutham created her skincare line, that is both anti acne and anti aging and also lessening sun and pollution damage.


“ It is simple how these products work. Antioxidants protect skin from both sun, reduce sebum oxidation ( primary cause of acne).  But they also prevent wrinkles. And Exfoliants keep the pores clear (so less breakouts). And they increase your skins rejuvenation cycle and keep your skin youthful and glowy.