My Skin Story: How The Right Dark Spot Serum Helped Me Feel Confident In My Bare Face

hyperpigmentation on face

After dealing with dark spots for a long time, having tried almost all products claiming to be the best. However, dark spots do not leave your face in one go. It's a type of Hyperpigmentation that requires time and consistent treatment to leave your skin( Just as it took a long time to appear). These spots, though small, had a huge impact on my life. These were very well visible & the fear of people questioning about it was draining my self-esteem. Truly, Self - confidence & physical appearance are closely related 

But, The problem is no more at an individual level. Mostly everyone having this stubborn skin condition often encounter similar people, some even feel worse than I did 

A pilot study conducted reveals that skin condition such as melasma ( a type of Hyperpigmentation) decreases self-esteem which in turn has a negative effect on the mental health of people suffering from it.

  1. They feel embarrassed when settled with other people. They are unable to confront others and look down or somewhere else while talking, just so to make the dark spots less visible to others
  2. Decrease in participation in extracurricular activity has been observed, the reason being melasma may get worsen due to sun exposure, also the primary reason to avoid social Interaction
  3. Becoming more self-conscious about themselves, looking into the mirror frequently and complaining. This can have adverse effects on our brain.
  4. Getting frustrated & irritated easily, also lives in fear of people asking about their skin condition.

After having tried different products from many brands claiming to be the best, I’ve researched the ingredients that work against pigmentation, the concentration that is perfect for beginner-level ( it should not irritate the skin ) and also how they work.hyperpigmentation on faceThe ingredients that work best are 

  1. Azelaic acid: Suppress melanin production
  2. AHA’s like lactic acid, mandelic acid & Glycolic acid: Exfoliators that slough off pigmented cells easily. Glycolic acid, however, is not recommended for beginners. Its low molecular weight & high effectiveness makes it unsuitable as the skin is not tolerant to such strong exfoliators & you might end up with irritated skin. In contrast, Mandelic acid is gentler & effective too 
  1. Arbutin: Arbutin has a cleverer way to tackle Hyperpigmentation. It is a Tyrosine ( An amino acid ) Analogue. Tyrosinase is an enzyme essential for the production of melanin pigment & it requires tyrosine to function. By providing Arbutin to the skin, which binds to Tyrosinase enzyme, thus suppressing its activity. This results in less melanin production.
  1. Tranexamic acid: The acid is gaining immense popularity in skincare, all thanks to its non-irritating & potent strategy to treat hyperpigmentation, which makes it different from other exfoliating acids.

Upon U.V irradiation or skin injuries, Keratinocyte (aka skin cells) produces plasmin/plasminogen which stimulates melanocytes (aka melanin-producing cells)to produce more melanin by 

  1. Boosting tyrosinase activity 
  2. Melanocyte differentiation 
  3. Transfer of melanosome(a site where melanin is synthesised & stored) to the epidermis

Tranexamic acid is derived from the amino acid lysine ( Amino acids are building blocks of protein). It interferes with plasmin, Thus inhibiting melanin production.

  1. Niacinamide: It is a derivative of Vitamin B3. It reverses photo-ageing, strengthens the skin barrier & inhibits melanin production.

Try this :

To get your hands on these best ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation at its core, Try using Arbutin + Tranexamic acid serum by Suganda. This newly launched advanced serum, not only helped me with this stubborn skin condition but also suited my skin & was gentle on my skin. Its formulation is what amazed me. It consists of Tranexamic acid along with Arbutin which are gaining immense popularity in the skincare market. It targets Hyperpigmentation in multiple steps, thus increasing probability which in turn increase the chances of treatment. It is also effective against PIH( Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation ), PIE( Post Inflammatory Erythema ) and Melasma

This all-in-one function makes it one of the best serums for treating Hyperpigmentation.

Consistent application of the serum makes dark spots less visible & helps boost confidence level, Initially decreased due to the appearance of spots. But after having them treated, minimising their appearance has a profound effect on improving their quality of life.

1. Jiang, J., Akinseye, O., Tovar-Garza, A., & Pandya, A. G. (2017). The effect of melasma on self-esteem: A pilot study. International journal of women's dermatology, 4(1), 38–42.