Learn The Truth About Anti-Ageing Ingredients Your Skin Needs Now In The Next 60 Seconds.

solution for ageing skin

Ageing is common for anyone, it is inevitable, but we can eliminate premature ageing by following an anti-ageing skin routine. Here is the list of ingredients we need to incorporate into our daily routine for anti-ageing.

  1. Retinoids:

Collagen is the main protein in the skin which helps in maintaining the elastic nature and hydration of the skin. Lack of collagen leads to sagging of skin which shows up during ageing. So intake of the products which consist of retinoids in an anti-ageing skin routine will help in the prevention of wrinkles, sagging, and forehead lines on the body.  

Anti ageing serum for skincare

It is an oil-based serum that helps in brightening and enhancing the complexion of the skin, curtailing wrinkles, shielding from sunlight, and also acts as anti-pigmentation. The main ingredients of the serum are:

  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: This is an oil-based Vitamin C a highly stable soluble compound that helps in skin brightening, and inhibits Melanin Production.
  • Carotenoids: 

This is an antioxidant that helps in repairing damaged cells and increases the production of collagen in skin cells thereby rooting the elasticity, plumpy nature of the skin. It also helps in reducing skin pigmentation too.

  • Squalane: 

Squalane acts as an Antioxidant and also Moisturises the skin thoroughly keeping skin clean and fresh.

  • Jojoba: 

Jojoba retains the Moisture in the skin for a longer time. 

  1. Vitamin C and Antioxidants for an anti-ageing skin routine:

Vitamin C is a great savager that speeds up the production of collagen in skin cells keeping the elastic and plumpy nature of skin alive. Whereas anti-oxidants repairs the damaged cells and fights against oxygen radicals which are ageing factors. So assimilating the Vitamin C and antioxidants into the daily routine is the best anti-ageing skin routine

  1. Niacinamide :

Vitamin B3 is a typical Niacinamide vitamin that restores elegant youthful skin by diminishing the wrinkles and lines, sagging nature, and pigmentation on the face. Niacinamide also tightens the skin pores thereby retaining the moisture for a longer time. It also protects from extreme sunlight which increases excess melanin production. 

  1. Sunscreen for an anti-ageing skin routine :

Do you know premature ageing will be experienced with excess exposure to sunlight? 

Our skin has melanin which protects us from direct attacks of sun UV rays. When we are exposed to sunlight for a longer time, the melanin on our skin will burn away which decreases the elastic tendency of the skin and results in premature ageing. Applying sunscreen daily will defend the skin when we have excessive exposure to the sun, and it also aids the skin from wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation. 

  1. Ceramides and Peptides:

Dryness, exposure to excess sunlight are one of the causes of ageing. Locking the moisture in the skin and retaining it for hours protects the skin from sunlight and makes the skin plumpy, smooth, and wrinkle-free. Ceramides and peptides play a major role in locking the moisture in skin cells for a longer time and filling up the pores in the skin and also boosting up the skin. 

Anti-aging skincare kit:

It would be burdensome for anyone to assimilate and purchase all the anti-ageing skincare routines, so to help you out from this trauma, we came up with an anti-ageing skin routine combo. The kit of anti-ageing skin routine for the beginners and an advanced kit is described below:  

  • Beginner's kit:

The beginners kit consists of the following products :

  1. Centella Green Tea Face wash-  It is a hydrating cleanser that removes excess oil & dirt on the skin. 
  2. Rosehip Moisturizer- It is a lightweight moisturiser that has a combination of humectants and emollients which lubricates and hydrates the skin for a longer time. 
  3. Antioxidant Serum(10ml)- 10% Vitamin C serum which brightens skin and renders a fresh look on the skin. 
  4. 2% Granactive Retinoid(10ml)- Based on Squalane, this serum is perfect for beginners as Granactive is effective and minimally irritating. 
  • Advanced kit:

The advanced kit consists of the following products :

  1. Centella Green Tea Face wash- for removal of dirt and oil on the skin.
  2. Rosehip Moisturizer- A lightweight moisturiser that has a combination of humectants and emollients for skin lubrication and hydration. 
  3. Antioxidant Serum(10ml)- 10% Vitamin C serum for skin brightening. 
  4. 5% Lactic Acid Serum- for resurfacing the dull skin and keeping the skin hydrated. 
  5. 2% Granactive Retinoid(10ml)
  6. Pure Rosehip Oil- for replenishing the skin with intense moisture.