Dehydrated skin

Honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds as it is naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It has a very high sugar concentration and a low pH, a combination that makes it difficult for bacteria to thrive. It is rich in antioxidants and enzymes that are beneficial for skin. Honey also a wonderful humectant. It deeply hydrates skin. It also works as a mild natural exfoliant.(very similar to chemical exfoliant Glycolic acid but mild and with added benefits ). 

How to apply Honey

Honey is sticky and very difficult to apply but applying on cleansed wet skin makes it more spreadable. you can wash off after 15 minutes. This will give your skin hydration, nourishment and gentle exfoliation (removal of dead skin) revealing fresh skin underneath.

You can also apply honey with any face mask. For this mix mask with water/ floral water / tea and then add a tea spoon of honey and apply.

Honey For Dry Skin

Dry skin lacks both oil and water on skin. Apply 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp coconut oil on washed face and leave on for 15 min and wash off. After this you can apply your regular moisturiser. Use this twice weekly. This mixture will deeply hydrate your skin and seals in moisture.

Honey For Oily skin

Honey is a mild exfoliator, hydrator and antibacterial. This combination works wonderful for oily skin which is prone to acne. As acne is caused by blocked pores, it can prevent the formation of blocked pores when applied regularly. Apply 1tsp honey on the cleansed wet face, and wash off after 15 min. Use every alternate day. You can also use honey along with Neem Green Tea mask for best results.

Honey for Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin lacks in water not while dry skin lacks both oil and water or just oil. This is the reason many heavy moisturisers with both humectants and oils will be heavy for them. They can benefit a lot from honey as it deeply hydrates skin. Apply honey to cleansed wet face and wash off after 10 min. Use twice weekly.

I was an oily skintype when I was living in coastal regions but when I moved to a drier place, my skin started getting dehydrated because of low humidity. Oily skin types also get dehydrated with age.

Honey for Cracked Lips

Cracked lips need both deep hydration and occlusives (heavy oils that seal the moisture inside the skin). Most lip balms are either Occlusives (Sealing Beeswax / Petroleum jelly) or light hydrators without heavy sealers.

You Can Heal Your cracked lips by applying honey. My favourite way is mix honey with few drops of desi ghee and apply. Doing this may not completely heal your lips but it will provide the deep moisture and nourishment that your lips need. After half an hour you can lick it( tastiest sweet ever!) and apply the regular sealing lip balm.

Cracked corner around your mouth (angular cheilitis), It is the area where lips meet skin. Applying honey can heal the cracked corners.

Final Note

If you are using any chemical exfoliants like Glycolic Acid/Lactic Acid/ Salicylic acid, Honey may not be necessary. But otherwise Its a must in your beauty routine.

I am not a huge fan of kitchen cosmetics as you won't get a standardised mixture at all times ( I mean fixed pH and composition). And also they are messy to prepare but honey is a must in my skincare routine!