Combination or Oily Dehydrated Skin

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If you are Combination or Oily Dehydrated Skin,

Usually when Oily skin is treated with harsh cleansers or treatments, it will turn into Oily Dehydrated skin. Oily Dehydrated Skin has lesser water or hydration in your skin but u will find it shiny and oily. Ex- You may feel that your skin is dry in the morning and by afternoon your skin might get oily and shiny.

  • It is very important that you always hydrate your skin very well using hydrating gels
  • If that is not enough then add 1-2 drops of Oils (non pore clogging) to your hydrating gels
  • Never forget that your skin needs only gentle cleansing, so use a micellar water to wipe off makeup and finally rinse with water. if you are using facewash always see that its non drying to the skin afterwards.
  • Regular use of exfoliants like Lactic Acid can keep your skin soft and glowing.  This can also result in lesser acne
  • Also use anti oxidants to keep skin youthful. You can choose from water based antioxidants like Vit C and B3 to keep skin glowing, but if your are non acne prone you can also use Vitamin E. 

Suggested Products Combination or Oily Dehydrated Skin,


  • Water wash or apply honey  and wash off or use a powder based mask + cleanser to wash. But no facewash
  • White Lotus Moisturiser 1-2 pumps  + Anti Oxidant serum 2 drops, you can mix them and apply
  • If your skin feels dry with above, add 2 drops of Squalane Vit E oil, to the moisturiser


combination or oily dehydrated Skin


  • For Cleansing : Use micellar water or very mild facewash  to remove makeup/ sunscreen  and then water wash
  • Apply 5-6 drops of AHA/BHA Serum on wet face ( use this only twice or thrice in a week)
  • Wait for 10 -15 min
  • Apply White Lotus Moisturiser + add 2 drops of Squalane Vit E oil, if your skin feels dry with above. 
  • Generally Hemp Oil is good for balancing skin. Test your skin if you breakout with hemp. If not you can use Hemp Instead of Squalane in the evening