Best Face Moisturisers for Every Skin Type

Face Moisturisers

Looking for a good moisturiser suitable for your skin type might be pretty confusing and tiring. Especially, the quest for a long-lasting moisture-lock during winter, when your skin becomes dry or flaky causing itchiness and tightness.

Moisturisers are not just meant to be used during winters when the air becomes dry and imparts dryness to your skin as well. They should be a part of your daily skincare regimen because you deserve healthy and happy skin.

People give up on using moisturisers due to experiences such as irritation or excess greasiness. Especially, people with oily skin tone might consider using moisturiser as adding a layer of oil to their already oily skin. But that isn’t true.

Yes, some moisturisers do make skin feel oily and greasy due to their thick tendency.

However, using a Water-based, lightweight moisturiser is the best choice for oily skin types. It enables quick absorption into the deeper layers without being heavy on the outer layer of the skin. Problem Solved!

But, what do you look for in a moisturiser?

  1. Safety: First and foremost, look for a moisturiser that is dermatologically tested, To avoid risking your skin undergoing the process of unwanted irritation.

2.Formulation: Reading the ingredients might be a tedious yet important task for Choosing the correct moisturiser for your skin type.

Moisturizer for Dry SkinChoose a moisturiser that Hydrates 

Your skin needs Hydration, for it to rejuvenate. Hydration adds up firmness and elasticity to your skin. Of course, nobody likes dry skin which becomes itchy and flaky over time due to lack of moisture. Hence, look for ingredients such as Glycerin and Hyaluronic acid.

Choose a moisturiser that strengthens Skin barrier 

Look for Ingredients such as Ceramides, Centella , Niacinamide.These are known to to strengthen the skin barrier.Harsh Cleansers, aggressive pollutants and Exfoliants can damage skin barrier making your skin vulnerable to irritants  and causing moisture-loss

Thus, protecting it is very important for a Healthy skin 

Choose a moisturiser that nourishes 

Nourishing your skin is important to keep it smooth and plump. Ingredients such as Shea butter acts as emollient.These fill in the gaps between skin cells,making it smooth and Firm.

3.Skin Type

Every Skin is different and Unique.Hence, Choose a moisturiser as per your skin type, needs and look for ingredients best suited as Accordingly.

For .ex. Moisturisers with a thick consistency are usually suited for Dry skin types, However, for oily skin types, we require one which is water-based so as to avoid greasiness on the face.

Try this: 

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Creme 

It is a protein moisturiser rich in amino acids that reveres photo-aging.It helps to achieve a youthful skin by making it Firm and smooth 

White Lotus Moisturiser by Suganda 

Best suited for oily skin types 

Its water based consistency and light-weight formula is what makes it idea for oily skin types.It comprise the  goodness of White lotus which soothes irritated skin , along with hydrating and moisturising agents such as Hyaluronic acid and  Panthenol.

Rosehip Moisturiser by SugandaBest suited for combination skin and ageing skin

Ever felt insecure about your ageing skin? Then Suganda’s rosehip moisturiser is a must to try. Not only it helps you to resist premature skin ageing but it also hydrates your skin and makes you feel fresh. Along with this it soothes and brighten up your skin. It can also be used for dry skin as well.