3 Lessons you must learn if you are prone to acne issues.

acne issues and acne solutions

Written by - Prakruthi singh

Today, we’ll be talking about the lessons one must learn if you have ever fallen victim to acne and breakouts. Our goal is to make sure you look at your skincare regimen. Following a proper skincare routine and checking all your products can help you avoid aggravating the problem unnecessarily.

Everyone has experienced acne, breakouts, papules, pustules, redness, or hyperpigmentation at some point in their lives. Acne spares none whether you have normal skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, or combination skin. 

There could be multiple reasons that make your skin vulnerable to causing acne. Your skincare routine, the lifestyle you follow, or the products you use, could be the culprit. 

Here we’ll let you know everything you need to know to keep your skin issues in check. Hence, you must follow up with these acne lessons and keep them all in your head forever.

  • Identify the root cause with professional help.
  • The most important thing is to know why and when you ran into the problem. There could be multiple reasons that could trigger the following:

    • Overactive sebaceous glands
    • Abnormal shedding of dead skin cells
    • Acne causes bacteria build-up

    You must identify the root cause with professional help and find the actual culprit responsible for any of these. Generally, it could be sweating, stress, hormonal imbalance, exposure to sunlight, improper sleep, etc. You must check with your doctor to know the exact reason behind your acne and breakouts and take action accordingly.facial serum for acne pimples skinOne of the main causes of long-term skin issues can be your lifestyle. Poor lifestyle habits lead to disasters. Consider changing or altering it as soon as possible. You can work on exercising, improving your sleep cycle, having a proper diet, improving your skincare regimen, and being stress-free. 

    Read our blog on lifestyle changes you must consider if you have acne-prone skin to know what changes you can make. 

  • The skincare kit must have good products.
  • When we say "good products," we mean products suitable for your skin type. Not every product works well with every skin type. The products you use must be compatible with your skin type. The products you use must have certain properties to prove they're suitable for your skin.

    • It must not irritate your skin.
    • The product should be gentle and not rupture your skin barrier.
    • It contains no ingredients that could cause any adverse reaction or allergy to your skin.
    • It should be moisturizing and hydrating.
    • It must balance your skin's pH.

    Proper skincare products with no fragrance, irritants, EO, or alcohol ensure the safety of your skin. You must always choose skincare products that let your skin breathe properly and do not clog your skin or make it red.

  • A hydrating skincare routine is important.
  • Protection, prevention, cleansing, and moisturizing are the key components of an effective skincare routine. Because most sun damage results from everyday, incidental ultraviolet exposure, dermatologists recommend the daily use of sunscreens. (Falla) 

    Your skincare routine must keep your skin barrier protected. With the right skincare products with hydrating and moisturizing properties, you can get your skin balanced and healthy. The skincare products you use must be compatible with your skin type.

    For combination skin, the products you choose must have a dual action, while for dry and normal skin, choose the products that lock the moisture in your skin. Those with oily skin must escape from using heavy cream-based or oil-based products; they must have a soothing effect on their skin. 

    Skincare products with salicylic acid, lactic acid, or hyaluronic acid help lock in moisture. While serums like Niacinamide prevent hyperpigmentation and have a soothing effect on the skin. You must use sunscreen with the highest SPF to make sure your skin is protected from daily UV exposure.

    Make sure you let your skin be hydrated, balanced, and healthy. Let it breathe!