Lifestyle changes you must consider if you face severe acne

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Everyone reading this, is either a former or an existing victim of acne. If not, you can just share this to the one who is. Thanks!

Now, let’s get back to the topic.

Have you ever thought, what actually made you the victim? The answers might be skin type, pollution, exposure, sun damage and so on. But have you ever checked out on your lifestyle?


Lifestyle is one of the most ignored causes of acne.

Acne is actually a condition, caused by certain triggers, due to which the sebaceous gland begins producing excess sebum that breaks the cell wall of the pores causing bacterial growth. Other factors include genetics, hormonal changes, menstruation, cosmetics or medication etc.

Now, we tell you, lifestyle habits are the major cause, especially for those with acne prone skin. Your eating, sleeping and other living habits can imbalance your hormones which is already counted as a cause prior. 

To be more concise, In order to take care of your acne prone skin be considerate of your lifestyle habits along with the apt skin care regime. If you feel it complicated, here we are with the tips -

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  • Implementing physical activity -
  • Physical activities and exercises are itself a tool to combat breakouts, as it keeps blood sugar in check and also aids good sleep in turn relieving stress. Sower is important after exercising, remember that!

  • Sleep Schedule -
  • Lack of sleep causes stress which is a major reason for hormonal imbalance. It triggers cortisol levels which causes breakouts and acne. Be cautious with your beauty sleep.

  • Try to keep stress at bay - 
  • Managing stress levels is a task as it is one of three major causes of severe adult acne. So, those with acne prone skin must include ‘no stress’ in their skin care routine. It isn’t easy but it is the need. When you are stressed out it imbalances your cortisol levels that is directly linked to severe acne. So, just try to keep the stress at bay!

  • Sanitizing phones and devices
  • Consider  it a safety measure to keep yourself away from the bad bacteria that could transfer to skin through your devices to hand and then to skin, befriend your sebum and later cause acne.

  • Dietary changes -
  • Though it is still unclear how diet can cure acne, studies have found certain positive results that could be a good and enough evidence to convince you to make certain changes to your diet. Scientists have found that people who consume a diet that offers an apt amount of vitamin A, vitamin E and zinc have low risks of severe acne. Having a diet with a low glycemic index may help as well. 

    • Increase intake of Vegetables & fruits rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and E. 
    • Stay hydrated, this will keep your skin hydrated as well.
    • Coffee is not directly related to acne, but caffeine triggers cortisol levels that cause acne. Hence, reducing Sugar and Caffeine could be a good option.
    • Identifying food triggers may help, some people are resistant to lactose and can have lactose allergy which in turn causes acne.
    • Increasing Probiotics

    Skin care tips to follow -

    Here are some skin care tips you can consider including to  your skin-care routine for oily or acne prone skin

  • Double cleansing -
  • Whether you have acne prone skin or sensitive, double cleansing has got your back. Choose your cleansers as per your skin type. For a choice, you can opt the ones rich in Hyaluronic acid, glycerin or PHA. 

  • Using sunscreen -
  • Always wear sunscreen to protect against UV damage. Choose sunscreen that can moisturize your skin and lock the skin barrier to protect breakouts. 

  • Identifying the menstruation cycle and treating skin accordingly -
  • Syncing your skin care regime with your periods can help. During menstruation, you require more hydration as your hormone levels are down making your skin look dull and tired, go with hydrating moisturizers. Later, post-menstruation when the levels begin to go up consider Vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid based products take over your kit.  When you are in the mid-menstruation, be prepared for the oil secretion and acne breakouts, you can go with products based on Salicylic acid or lactic acid to exfoliate and keep your skin free from build up.

  • Hair Care products and makeup -
  • Choose your Hair care products and Makeup wisely. Harsh products can trigger breakouts.

    Know that your skin is seeking your help!

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