5 Timeless Anti-Aging Secrets

Anti Aging Face Serum

As we grow older, many changes tend to take place in our bodies, wrinkles and lines on the face or body, dropping the nose, increase of earlobes, expansion of forehead on the face along with fatigue are part of ageing. Mostly these changes arise at age 35 or beyond it, but with the present climatic and environmental changes, and irregular skincare hobbies, ageing happens before 35 or may even at the thirties.

Why ageing happens, what causes the skin to wrinkle?

Wrinkles on the face, lines on the forehead, thinning of the skin, gaunt hands, sun spots, hair loss are the few symptoms of ageing, these mostly happen as we add years to our body. But do you know what causes ageing? 

The topmost layers of skin get thinner and thinner as we grow old with constant degrees of Collagen, fats, lipids, and then slowly the skin loses its elastic nature which results in gaunt hands, wrinkles and lines, sagging of the nose, ears, arms etc. 

Many factors cause premature ageing or ageing in the thirties; smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, irregular skincare habits, excessive exposure to sunlight, high caffeine intake etc are factors of premature ageing.

So what can one need to do to avoid ageing at the age of 30 and what are the fab 5 anti-ageing secrets one must know?

  • Sunscreens are the best anti-ageing savages: 
  • Most people face ageing at an early stage due to excess exposure to sunlight. The formation of sunspots, dark spots and even hyperpigmentation can happen due to overexposure to sunlight. So the best way to avoid these symptoms that lead to ageing caused by the sun is by applying sunscreens daily.

    Anti ageing vitamin c serum

    15% VCIP SERUM, 15% VITAMIN C :

    The serum is oil-based which is highly stable and oil-soluble that relieves the face from lines and wrinkles and provides firmness to skin cells which eliminate ageing, guards from sunlight and sagging and makes your skin glow brighter. 

    15% VCIP SERUM, 15% VITAMIN C boosts up your skin cells and which is a skin routine for 30+. 

  • Integrating Retinoids in regular skincare for anti-ageing:
  • Retinoids are vitamin A drugs that are the best medication to prevent wrinkles and forehead lines on the body. Retinoids increase the cell collagen levels thereby reducing the wrinkles and lines on the body and guarding skin against ageing. But retinoids are best suggested to use during the night because of their property of making skin sensitive to sunlight. So the best way is to apply sunscreens during day hours and retinoids at night will help your skin against ageing

  • Concentrate also on other body parts apart from the face: 
  • When it comes to beauty and ageing, we mostly concentrate on the face, a pretty face is what we all need to cover up ageing. Do you think a pretty face can hide ageing? 

    I agree that ageing shows up on the face better than on other body parts, but ageing will also show up on fingers, neck, arms, and under the eyes. One must also keep an eye on these parts to diminish ageing completely at an early age. Apply sunscreens, lotions, serums on the fingers, neck, under eyes regularly and also follow a skin routine for 30+ to prevent the impression of ageing at an early stage. 

  • Incorporating ceramides, peptides in skincare for anti-ageing: 
  • The primary action of Ceramides and Peptides is to bind up the skin cells together by locking moisture in skin cells and forbidding the superfluous particles entry. This mechanism makes the skin glow brighter thereby preventing dryness of skin and providing a plumpiness to the skin. These ceramides and peptides also save skin from pollution and exposure to sunlight keeping skin moist and fresh the entire day.

  • Embedding collagen, Omega 3 rich, antioxidant-rich food in diet for anti-ageing: 
  • Eating food that consists of antioxidants, omega 3, and collagen supplements aid the skin and body from ageing. 

    • Omega 3 prevents and delays the wrinkles and lines on the body at an early stage.
    • Collagen avoids skin dryness and acts as a skin barrier from the breakage of skin cells.
    • Antioxidants repair the damaged cells by protesting against oxygen radicals which are the ageing factors.