3 Amazing benefits of using Vitamin C on skin

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If you want to see really good results on skin then Vitamin C is a must. Because Vitamin C is among the most proven ingredients in skincare. Powerful ingredients in skincare usually come with a lot of side effects but Vitamin C is one without side effects. You might be curious what it can do to your skin? Here is a list of things it can do to skin

Sun Damage

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and it protects skin from sun damage. When we take foods rich in Vitamin C, our skin gets a good share of it. But exposure to sun decreases Vitamin C levels in the skin. So it is a good idea to apply vitamin c on top of it even if you eat healthy food. Several studies found that vitamin C reduces UV related DNA damage and sebum oxidation (a primary cause of acne), limits inflammation.

Promotes younger skin

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Sun exposure causes 80% of wrinkles, as it breakdowns collagen and elastin. Pollution in the environment is a major source of free radicals, it causes skin roughness, dullness and wrinkles. We can minimize the damage of free radicals and sun exposure by using Vitamin C. Apart from the external factors, we also age because of the age. After age 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen each year. Collagen production stops at age 40. Vitamin C not only helps degradation of collagen but regulates the synthesis of collagen.

Several studies found that the use of vitamin C (3-10%) for at least 12 weeks has been shown to decrease wrinkling, decrease apparent roughness of skin and increase production of collagen.

Age Spots / Lightens Skin

Many skin lighteners like hydroquinone are toxic to the skin cells. But Vitamin C works without harming the skin. It inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which converts tyrosine into melanin ( dark pigment on the skin) hence less melanin is produced. According to a study in 2009, applying 25 % vitamin C resulted in the decrease in pigmentation caused by melasma after 16 weeks.




Vitamin C is great skin care must-have for bright skin & youthful skin. Whatever your age or skin type may be. For Oily skin use after cleansing the face, and them top it with a regular moisturiser if required. For dry skin use after cleansing and top it with regular face cream or a face oil.