10 Years of Innovation & Results

10 Years of Innovation & Results

10 years. 10,000 success stories.1L + happy skin smiles.  
Suganda Skincare doesn't just sell products; we build healthy skin from the inside out. 
Today, as we mark a decade of disrupting the skincare industry with science and transformative results, we stand tall as a brand and as a community of skin health first believers. 

We were always about science and safe ingredients backed by evidence, each ingredient is our commitment to efficacy and safety. 
These relentless efforts to craft every product to perfection with years and years of research fueled our rise. 

Timeline of Suganda’s Science & Skin

Today, as we stand with over ten thousand success stories with grateful faces, we're not just celebrating a milestone, we're reiterating a promise: to continue pushing the boundaries of skincare, to champion authenticity over deceit, and to empower every individual to embrace their own skin story and imperfections over unrealistic beauty standard

Join us as we raise a toast to a future where science reigns supreme, and beautiful skin shines bright, because at Suganda, real isn't just trendy, it's revolutionary.

It All Began with a Mother’s  Love
What started as a mother's quest to soothe her little one's eczema and give him a happy life.

Fueled by purpose and curiosity, Suganda's founder signed up for certificate programs & diploma programs in cosmetic science & organic skincare.


2014 – Officially In Business
A skincare formulator with an intention to serve people with different skin issues launched Kiya Organics Essential’s first set of products.

With this launch, the brand embarks on a journey of empowering everyone to achieve healthy, radiant skin through the power of efficacious, safe & science-driven formulations.


2016 – Driven By A Vision To Create Dermatological Products  
The year Suganda Skincare truly evolved. Our founder sought advice from dermatologists to find a solution for acne. After undergoing chemical peels, her skin became excessively dry, prompting her to search for a moisturiser that offered more than just hydration.

That's when we introduced the White Lotus Moisturizer - a product that hydrates, brightens, and soothes the skin.

While on this journey, feeling let down by the existing harsh and drying cleansers on the market, we created a gentle formula infused with Centella, aimed at delicately cleansing and restoring skin's natural balance.


2017– Need Of The Hour - The Active Serums.
As our founder continued to struggle with acne, she began exploring effective serums such as Niacinamide and BHA.

This exploration led to the introduction of our initial serums, BHA and Niacinamide, meticulously crafted to provide support for skin prone to acne. 

Our 5% Niacinamide serum has consistently emerged as our best-selling product, underscoring its effectiveness in managing and controlling breakouts.


2021 – Vogue Beauty, Breakthroughs & Beyond
We hit the pinnacle of the skincare world, winning both the Vogue Beauty Award and the Beauty Breakthrough Award.

These accolades were more than just trophies; they were a testament to our relentless pursuit of science-backed solutions and a nod to the thousands of glowing faces that adorned our community.


2022 – Crafting Our Best-Seller!
After extensive years of dedicated research into pigmentation, we proudly introduce our Anti-pigmentation Serum.

This innovative skincare solution is crafted with a holistic approach aimed at addressing various skin concerns, including combating dark spots, enhancing hydration, and fostering overall skin health. 

At the intersection of science and skincare, our Anti-pigmentation Serum represents a commitment to providing effective and comprehensive solutions for a radiant and healthy complexion.


2023 – 1 Lakh Strong and Still Growing
More than just a brand, Suganda became a movement. 1 lakh strong, our community of skincare enthusiasts thrives on shared experiences, honest reviews, and the transformative power of real results

The Future Glows Brighter
And here we are, a decade older, but our spark is far from fading. Hold on tight, because exciting launches and science-backed innovations are just around the corner. 


The Final Word
So, yes! This is Suganda for you, and our journey has just begun. We invite you to join us on this luminous adventure, where innovation meets empowerment, and every imperfection becomes a badge of confidence. 

Join our 1 lakh+ strong family of skincare enthusiasts, where honest reviews and shared experiences pave the way for real results. We believe in the power of science-backed formulas and empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty. 

Explore our science-backed skincare solutions, share your own skin story in our vibrant community, and experience the transformative power of real results, real confidence, and real skin.