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Pure Squalane
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Pure Squalane

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Squalane is naturally found in skin and its very light and has very high emollience and can prevent loss of hydration on skin. Squalane is a non-comedogenic oil and is highly stable oil. This is specially useful for Daytime. Most Facial Oils are really not suitable for daytime in hot countries like India. Delicate Oils undergo Oxidation, when exposed to heat, And you dont want that to happen.

Directions : Take Few drops and apply after using hydrating serum or moisturisers. Also great for blending makeup. 

Can be used day and night.

Note : It can also be applied to hair to increase heat protection, add shine and reduce breakage potential. 

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Customer Reviews

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Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Dry / Normal
Nourishing and light!

This squalene oil is purely amazing! It is light weight and keeps the skin soft. I use it in the morning after my white lotus moisturizer and I just need few drops. It's amazing!

Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily,  Acne + Dry / Normal
Works wonders!

It's been more than a month that i am using this and i can say that mixing a couple of drops with your regular moisturizer twice a day goes a long way in keeping the skin regeneration on a daily basis. I get a dewy looking nourished glowing skin with this. Also i get compliments that i dont look beyond 25-26 when i am actually 31 years old.

Age: 45-55
Skin Type: Combination + No Acne
Just a drop!

So I add just a drop into my rosehip moisturizer and the combination of the two works wonders. My skin feels hydrated, pampered.

Age: 35-44
Skin Type: Oily + No Acne

As I have oily skin type so very spectacle to use any kind of oil on face but this one is so light and non sticky....As I use it mix with white lotus moisture in all winter very hydrated and give highlighter glow all day

Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Dry / Normal
Great for acne prone skin

The only oil that ever suited my cystic acne prone skin.
And I have tried hemp, argan, grapeseed and everything else that is supposedly good for acne. I am never switching to anything else. This mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil and simple rich moisturizer, has improved my skin noticeably.

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  • Can this be used directly on skin or diluted with carrier oils?

    Hi, this is the most safest and most stable carrier oils. U can use it undiluted.

*Disclaimer: Suganda products do not promise unrealistic results. We use organic proprietary formulations which will help maintain skin in good health and rejuvenate it naturally. Results may vary depending on the skin, health and climatic conditions.