Power duo for Pigmentation & Aging

Power duo for Pigmentation & Aging

If one ingredient is to be used along with pigmentation activities for overall skin improvement,  it is a Retinoid! 

We always believe in addressing Skin health/ barrier + anti-aging when we target any concern. 


  1. Skin is always aging.
  2. Without skin barrier protection we cannot achieve anything else. 

So, we have come up with a Smart Combination of serums 

Advanced Pigmentation Serum + 2% Granactive retinoid serum

Why Retinoid for Pigmentation?

Retinoid does 10 things in ONE. And using a multifunctional ingredient besides Pigmentation actives is the best approach. 

What Retinoid is best?

Experts across the globe agree that  "Tretinoin"  is the gold standard in treating many skin concerns.

It helps reduce acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. And it boosts many other skin functions at the cellular level to improve skin health.

 But the biggest problem is irritation! And in Skin of Color 

Irritation = More Pigmentation 

Here comes Granactive Retinoid,

  1. Least irritating Retinoid even at the highest % 
  2. Better conversion than Retinol hence better results.

Suganda’s 2% Granactive retinoid serum

It contains  0.2% Retinoid ( HPR) which is less irritating and has much better results than retinol.

It also contains Colourless Carotenoids which fade Pigmentation & Discolouration 

Vitamin E soothes & moisturises Skin.

One more benefit of this serum is its non-comedogenic, lightweight & oil base, making it the least irritating. 

This is a wholesome serum with anti-aging benefits while reducing dark spots, and melasma (dark patches) on your face.

Do I really need to use a Pigmentation serum when I use a retinoid?

While retinoids ensure overall health. 

You still need to address “Overactive Melanocytes” (Skin cells that produce melanin become overactive). 

Hence u also need to use pigmentation serums. 

How is Suganda Advanced Pigmentation Serum different from others?

Many pigmentation serums focus on only tyrosinase inhibition. But we believe in a balanced approach for best results. 

Our Multi pathway serum targets,

  • Tyrosinase enzyme inhibition
  • Melanin transfer
  • Antioxidants
  • MSH inhibition
  • UVR protection

With 5 Active Ingredients

We have seen great results in 4-8 weeks

Enhanced Brightening & Added Anti-Aging Benefits: 

This combination ensures that you achieve a more even skin tone and provide comprehensive benefits for a brighter, more youthful complexion.

By incorporating these two products into your skincare routine, you can expect to see a reduction in pigmentation and a more youthful, radiant complexion over time.

Smooth & Bright skin is a click away.