How Take Care of Your Skin in Summer

green tea facewash for acne

What is your favourite season? It was summer for an umbrella of reasons during our childhood, from finishing our exams to enjoying holidays to spending time with friends and family. It also has a dark side which is endless sweat and shiny skin. As we age, the essential aspect to take care of during summers is our skin. 

With excessive heat and humidity all day, your skin craves more protection from irritating rashes, sunburns, stubborn tan and acne.

The question is, how does summer cause inconvenience to the skin?

As the temperatures rise, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum and cause stickiness and block the pores. People with oily skin are the most affected as bacteria and sweat pile up to clog the pores and cause acne.

Melanin production ramps up when exposed to harmful UV rays to protect your skin from sunburn. Melanin is a photoprotective pigment—excess production of melanin results in tanned and darker skin.

To avoid unwanted summer skin issues, you must immediately improve your skincare routine.

Here are some quick tips from us to make your summer merrier.

1)Face Wash To Clear Excess Oil

As the skin produces excess oil during summer, it is essential to gently wash your face not more than three times a day. Make sure that you wash your face with a cleanser only twice because if the face wash removes excess oil, the skin gets even drier, and there would be an overproduction of sebum. Centella Green Tea Face Wash leaves the skin soft, which is the most desired feeling in summers. Also, it enriches the skin with antioxidants present in green tea.oily skin facewash

2)Hydrate your skin.

Doctors advise drinking 3-4 litres of water every day. This enhances the cell processes, and cells excrete the waste, helping the skin glow. Use a facemask before going to bed to provide extra hydration, and you can carry a small water spray to freshen your skin frequently.

3) No To Sugary Drinks

Yes! We know it sounds disheartening, but sugar aerated drinks make us indolent and add no value to the skin except that it satisfies our tastes. Sugary drinks increase the inflammation process and bond with the collagen( responsible for skin's elasticity), making it stiff.

4)A Good Toner

Using a toner helps remove residues of dirt and impurities. This reduces breakouts and treats acne symptoms. Salicylic acid and green tea extracts are best suited for oily skin. However, it is also suggested to try cucumber based or aloe vera based toners during summers as they are lightweight.




5) Sunscreen

When the skin burns from the sun, it is eventually damaged by the UV rays, so it is essential to use sunscreen. Sunscreen absorbs and reflects both UVA and UVB rays. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates the amount of sunburn protection for the skin. It represents the potency of sunscreen. A SPF above 15 should be incorporated in your skin because anything below that does not affect protecting the skin.

6)Home Remedies

Although external treatment is vital, sometimes skin also needs natural remedies, but one should also take care of what ingredients are mixed and at what proportions. If remedies are followed without prior and proper knowledge, it could lead to adverse effects opposing the intended.

  • Honey and yoghurt mix: honey helps retain moisture while honey brightens the skin.
  • Rub tomato over the face. It has antioxidant properties that help open pores.
  • Lemon and turmeric mix(3:1 ratio): Vitamin c in lemon helps in glowy skin, and turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that don't clog pores.

Please do not ignore your moisturiser believing that it makes your skin greasy. It is an essential part of the skincare routine irrespective of skin type and the season.


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