Address your hair problems with Suganda's shampoos

Address your hair problems with Suganda's shampoos

Everything you need to know. 

Let’s keep all our problems to one side and our hair-care issues to the other side. There are multiple hair problems that we face and they seem to never leave our side. In the process of keratin treatment, blow drying, straightening & using other heat tools, we forget being kind to our hair and end up abusing it a lot. There are certain hair concerns that arise, not only due to this, but for multiple other reasons. The possible causes include hair type, environmental factors, heredity, and the products you use. Whatever your hair type might be, you’ll encounter some or the other at least once! Now, shall we have a look at the various hair/scalp problems we face?

  • Frizzy Hair

One of the most common problems that usually occurs in monsoon but the other seasons are no exception. It occurs when hair fibres run in multiple directions causing hair to look dry and frizzy and when the outermost layer of the hair is raised, allowing moisture to pass through. Humidity, diameter of hair fibre, amount of heat damage done and the type of hair are the 4 major causes of frizzy hair. It makes your hair (specially the ends) look dehydrated.

  • Split Ends

Damage like this ruins our hairstyles! Sometimes, these are not visible but when they are, you'll notice how dry and brittle they look. Even though you can never completely get rid of split ends, you can reduce the count and make it less visible. It occurs when the end of your hair becomes dry & frayed. This is caused by chemical hair procedures, excessive sun exposure or when moisture is stripped off from strands making it weak and damaged. These are the end of the tips that have been split into two parts due to dryness or damage.

  • Hair Loss

If you see hair strands falling out from your scalp almost every time you comb, then we have some bad news for you. There is nothing wrong if you lose about 50-100 strands a day, but if you lose more, you should be alarmed. You might lose hair volume, strength and bounce if there’s a steep rise in your hair fall. Ageing, stress, hormonal imbalance and using the wrong products are contributing factors to hair loss. In the long run, it might be clearly visible on your scalp.

  • Oily Scalp

Sometimes you may have just an oily scalp due to your hair type, but for others, it could be a hair concern that also contributes a great deal to greasy, oily build-up. Oily scalp also leads to a lot of irritation and itching and sometimes, bumps on your forehead. To your surprise, overwashing is the major reason for oily scalp. Overwashing leads to dryness of the scalp which makes it produce more oil. Other than this, diet, genetics, overactive sebaceous glands are some of the reasons. Even when your scalp produces a lot of sebum, it ends up giving you an oily scalp.

  • Dull, Dry & Damaged Hair

Facing lifeless, brittle hair? We know the feeling when our hair lacks lustre & shine. It instantly sucks the glow from your face. Dry, damaged & dull hair is caused by heat damage, sun exposure, chemical-treatment, environmental factors, genetics and health issues. Sometimes, deep-conditioning is not the only thing that will help you over here. There are more things like pollution, chlorine that makes your hair look so down and dull, the list goes on! It reflects your hair texture, hair growth and makes it dehydrated. Honestly, the cause behind this can be anything - starting from your shower to the food you eat, anything can give you dull & dry hair.

Luckily, we have two hair care products that cater to these and solve such hair conditions. 

Suganda Clarifying Shampoo -


If you’re also one of those who suffer from oily scalp & strands, itching & irritation, scalp odour or flakey scalp, then this one is the right fit for you. It has the goodness of Fluidipure, Panthenol & Salicylic Acid that work together to remove or reduce excess oil or odour, itching, product build up and restores scalp health being extremely gentle. Safe to use for all hair types, it works best for normal to oily scalp and has a pH level 5.

Suganda Smoothening Shampoo -

On the other hand, if you find your hair being lifeless, damaged, brittle, rough, frizzy and see scalp dryness, then this is the one you should pick. It packs in the benefits of Plant Keratin, Amodimethicone Complex & Panthenol that work together effectively cures brittle, rough and excessively dry scalp by nourishing & moisturising scalp while replenishing & rejuvenating dull hair. This can be used for any hair type, even for sensitive scalp and has a pH of 5.2.