Guide to Great Skin

Moisturizers and Cleansers for daily skincare routine


4 Lifestyle Musts

  • Exercise 30 min a day. Without sweating it out  regularly you are not having your best skin. No need of over doing it, but 20 min walk, 5 days a week should be good enough. Exercise  is proven to reduce stress levels and improve health. And stress triggers inflammation on skin. And you don’t want that to happen. I am not asking you to live in a non realistic stress free world but with exercise you can have better skin.
  • Eat light and fresh foods. Also increase proteins and good fats a bit and reduce carbs and sugars a bit. Never go extreme with your diet changes as it can cause more imbalances and reactive skin. Start slow.
  • Intermittent fasting is a good idea. Eat only for 12 hrs a day. Ex: 8Am to 8PM. This balances hormones and will have better health and Skin
  • Sleep regularly and at least 8 hrs a day. And Sleep 2 hrs extra when you consume restaurant or unhealthy food. As Liver can process foods better and there direct connection of skin and liver


2 Skincare Mistakes

  • Harsh cleansers - Using harsh cleansers and over washing face can cause you so much damage and inflammation on skin. Skin goes into reactive mode to produce more oils when you over cleanse your skin. Washing face in the evening to remove makeup, sunscreen is a must. Washing in the morning is not really necessary. Water splash is enough. Many customers who use face wash more than 4-5 times a day, saw huge improvement in their skin when they reduced their facewash to 1 time a day.
  • Heavy moisturisers - When your skin feels dry,  using heavy moisturisers may seem to be your only option. But You have to try hydrating serums first. If they are not enough then apply a heavy moisturiser on top of a hydrating serum.


3 Golden Rules of Skincare

  • Hydrate Skin- Skin should always be hydrated. And non hydrated skin runs into many problems. Dehydrated skin can cause over reactive oil production. Dehydrated skin doesn’t exfoliate itself vey well. Hence more acne + dehydrated skin. Also dehydrated skin is more to damage and tanning due to sun.
  • Exfoliate regularly- Using chemical exfoliants is a very good practice. When we are young, skin regenerates it self even 14 days and as we grow older skin regenerates itself every 30-40 days. So to fasten this cycle and to keep younger skin we need to exfoliate. Also exfoliation keeps pores clear and also results in lesser wrinkles and smoother skin texture.
  • Antioxidants - Skin naturally contains anti oxidants in it. But the levels of anti oxidants on skin reduce during stress and sun exposure. And adding antioxidants on skin even though you eat healthy is proven very beneficial to skin. And using anti oxidants regularly can delay aging, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Hoping my guide to gorgeous skin helps your skin become truly gorgeous!

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