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Niacinamide - Unsung Hero in Skincare Industry

I used to think that anti aging products cannot be anti acne, but here comes a Super Star 🌟 Niacinamide- that helps skin to function in a better way and therefore - less dry skin + less acne 

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Guide to Great Skin

  4 Lifestyle Musts Exercise 30 min a day. Without sweating it out  regularly you are not having your best skin. No need of over doing it, but 20 min walk, 5 days a week should be good enough. Exercise  is proven to reduce stress levels and improve health. And stress triggers inflammation on skin. And you don’t want that to happen. I am not asking you to live in a non realistic stress free world but with exercise you can have better skin. Eat light and fresh foods. Also increase proteins and good fats a bit and reduce carbs and...

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Dry Skin

If You are Dry Skin Usually dry skin people are non-acne prone. But If you are dry skin and breakout with heavy oils and creams then you have to be cautious. Firstly be sure that you use a Gentle Cleanser. You can use a cream cleanser or Oil cleanser to melt makeup and sunscreen. But if you are dry and acne prone, removing the remaining oils with a water based cleanser is a good idea. If you cannot use cleansing oils or creams, you best bet would be to wipe with micellar water and followed by water rinse.  Now use a hydrating gel with hyaluronic...

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Combination or Oily Dehydrated Skin

If you are Combination or Oily Dehydrated Skin, Usually when Oily skin is treated with harsh cleansers or treatments, it will turn into Oily Dehydrated skin. Oily Dehydrated Skin has lesser water or hydration in your skin but u will find it shiny and oily. Ex- You may feel that your skin is dry in the morning and by afternoon your skin might get oily and shiny. It is very important that you always hydrate your skin very well using hydrating gels If that is not enough then add 1-2 drops of Oils (non pore clogging) to your hydrating gels Never...

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Oily Skin or Acne Prone Skin

If you are oily skin, you should make sure you cleanse but never over cleanse Hydrate it well, as dehydrated can lead to reactive production of excess oils on skin keep your pores clear by using regular exfoliants. This can result in lesser acne and brighter skin Use water based anti oxidants like Vit C and B3 to keep skin glowing. Our suggested products for oily skin: Mornings 1. Apply neem green tea mask + honey, wash off in 5 min and no facewash. If it’s drying use mask alternate days  2. White Lotus Moisturiser 1-2 pumps  + Anti Oxidant Serum 2-4...

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