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Suganda Daily Acne Care Details


  • Acne is difficult to control

  • Every single pimple (if untreated) leaves you with scars - dark spots + pitted scars which stay for few months to years on your skin.

  • Chemical creams are often too harsh and with side effects which will leave you with dry uncomfortable skin and it looks very unhealthy & Stressed. And also they will age your skin faster which means early wrinkles on skin.

  • Natural Treatments which both reduce your acne and also take care of sun damage + aging are a better option. As you may already know very few sunscreens suit acne prone


  • We have come up with a natural solution which can handle both acne and also address a bit of sun damage + Pigmentation + Aging. While most treatments address only acne and leave out pigmentation and other things.

  • Results can be seen in 1-2 months. And these are products can be used as general nourishment for the skin and can be used for years in your skincare routine. They are completely safe and promote general health for oily or combination skin types.


Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask

Green Tea

  • We have identified the secret for Flawless Japanese skin, Green Tea.

  • We have Indianised the Japanese concept with the addition of wonderful Neem

  • Green tea not only has been a traditional secret for great skin. It has numerous proven studies to back its efficiency. It has proven to be beneficial for Acne, Sundamge, Pigmentation

  • Green Tea is anti bacterial

  • Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant, Epigallocatechin Gallate in green tea has skin repair qualities and more potent than most skin-nourishing vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

  • More recent studies on Acne tell that curing acne with antioxidants is  much beneficial. One of the main causes of blocked pore (a single acne) is sebum oxidation. Oxidised sebum is sticky and hence dead skin cells instead of leaving ski stick to the skin and block pores.

  • So adding antioxidants to your skin will reduce sebum oxidation

  • Also Green Tea has been studied as an effective sun protectant. This may not replace your sunscreen. But applying heavy sunscreen to skin with acne can be very suffocating to the skin. So natural sun protectants are a better choice even if they do only half the job. But once your acne is under control, you may start using a sunscreen.

  • Green Tea also Lightens skin


  • Neem is rich in Azadirachtin and nimbolide, which are good antioxidants

  • Neem is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral

  • Neem has a wound healing effect, which makes it excellent for acne

  • Neem is anti-inflammatory


  • Rice is  anti-inflammatory properties of rice help soothe irritated skin

  • protect the acne prone skin from sun damage.


  • This mask works wonders for oily acne and combination acne. For dry acne, you might find it drying.

  • Over cleansing your skin is never good for acne skin, as skin tries to produce more oil if you over cleanse. After using your cleanser your skin should feel soft not tight.

  • You can use this mask instead of your cleanser. As this mask absorbs excess oil and is also antibacterial, it's as effective as a foaming cleanser.

  • If you use sunscreen and makeup then you might need a foaming cleanser.

  • If not this mask does the double duty as a mask cum cleanser

  • Use it once a day. If it feels harsh use once in two days. Remaining times you can use your cleanser.

  • Addition of honey while preparing the mask greatly helps acne prone skin (both oily acne + Dry acne ). As honey is gently dissolves dead skin cells that might lead to pore blockages.

Suganda White Lotus Moisturiser


  • Acne Skin needs moisturisers for two reasons. One your skin must be irritated from harsh medications and  harsh facewashes, etc. Two, well moisturised skin is less prone to acne than dry. So we made a hydrating moisturiser that is oil free

Sepicalm VG (White Lotus Extracts)

  • Sepicalm VG - Inflammation causes darkening of the skin.  As pimple is inflammed, it is sure to leave you will with a dark spot. This mechanism is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

  • Sepicalm VG reduces inflammtion and hence formation of dark spot after pimple.

  • It also gradually lightens existing spots and also your skin

  • It also provides skin with good hydration

  • Whenever skin is inflamed/ stressed it turns dark,  When a pimple forms, it leaves a dark spot. But using Sepicalm VG (White Lotus Extract)

  • It also reduces sundamage

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide )

  • Vitamin B3 is an anti oxidant that is highly beneficial to the skin

  • Studies show that it reduces the occurrence of acne and is as effective as Clindamycin, an antibiotic prescribed for acne

  • It also increases skin hydration levels

  • It delays wrinkles

  • It reduces sundamage, both applied on top and when taken orally.

  • Its reduces dark spots and lightens and tightens skin


  • Use as a moisturiser after washing your face or after Mask.

  • Even though we call it moisturiser its actually a serum as it contains high concentration of actives

  • You can also use it as a primer before makeup


Understand Pimple Formation

Acne ( Pimple, whitehead, blackhead) in your skin is caused by the blockage of hair follicles (pores) due to the accumulation of dead skin which traps the sebum (oil glands) inside the follicle. The bacteria feed on the Dead skin cells trapped inside the pore and multiply inside the pore.  the white blood cells rush to the bacteria trapped in the pore and start fighting causing inflammation. And also the sebum continues to produce inside the pore increasing the pimple size.

How Fast Can I See Results

If you have mild to moderate acne, this can suit you very well. But if you have deep cysts, and a lot of acne. Please consult your doctor.

It may take 2 weeks to 2 months to show reduced acne and reduced dark spots. Most customers find best results after using it for 3 months. Since these products are natural and mild you can continue using it for few years as a general maintenance to oily acne prone skin.  

Customer Reviews

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Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Effective product

My oily skin has started feeling nice n less oily. Neem face pack works best with honey. I use it every evening followed by moisturiser n in the morning skin feels bright n fresh.
One thing to be taken care of is packaging. Suganda people kindly upgrade the packaging of both the products. M uploading the image of moisturiser.

Age: 16-24
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
The best products

So I got the recently during a sale where I got this set for 750..m a student so still it was costly for me...yet I thought..let s give it a try...and oh my God!!! it works wonders...every time I use the face wash,my skin feels so it awakens my skin..then I go in with the mosturizer...n it provides that hydration that the skin needs making it smooth n glowy...m in love with the products...I would definitely save up every single time to buy the products...I love it so so so much...n my skin is really if it s working for my s definitely amazing..I can't comment on if it fades scars or s too early to tell that..but I have a feeling that it would help with that too... let's see

Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Acne +oily..

Hi.. I have started using white lotus moisturiser +face mask has been Jus a week.. But I feel my skin s safe n healthy.. Into natural n lovely products...vry trusted brand.. Wrth for the money u spend... Mrs Bindu.. Guides uS with our skin doubts.. Special thanks to her..

Age: 35-44
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily, Sensitive

Have been using the kit, for a week now. The pack and moisturiser are both very good. This kit helps in purging out the impurities embedded in the skin,to subsequently give you acne free skin. I have also applied the pack on active acne, as spot treatment to help with the pain and redness. Next morning, both had reduced. The team is also very prompt and helpful. Thank you!

Age: 16-24
Skin Type:  Acne + Dry / Normal
much needed for acne

this combination is the bestest.The mask followed by moisturiser and bha serum is amazing for acne.Get rid of acne with this simple routine

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  • Ihave full acne pimples on my face. Can i use this product

     Many acne products contain chemicals that are veru harsh and damaging to the skin in the long run. So we desined our product so that it can control acne and be very benificail to the skin in the long run. They are loaded with natural antioxidants and vitamins.

*Disclaimer: Suganda products do not promise unrealistic results. We use organic proprietary formulations which will help maintain skin in good health and rejuvenate it naturally. Results may vary depending on the skin, health and climatic conditions.