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Hemp Geranium Oil
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Hemp Geranium Oil

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Organic Hemp seed oil with Geranium Essential Oil and Vitamin E

Hemp is hugely beneficial for skin

          • If you are acne prone this is the first oil you should try. As its the lightest, hugely beneficial and non problematic oil
          • It is rich in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid
          • it is rich Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)
          • It reduces large pores
          • It is anti inflammatory
          • It helps acne prone skin and also dehydrated 
          • It penetrates the skin and makes it softer and locks in moisture
          • It improves the sebum production on dry and dehydrated skin and improves the skin’s elasticity.
          • Hemp is also helpful for damaged and brittle hair. It protects the hair from  damage by heat styling. It leaves no greasy or sticky residue on hair
          • It also is good for scalp  as it stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker, longer, and stronger hair. 

Geranium Essential Oil is a skin balancing Essential oil but we have used very small % to keep it genrally safe even for sensitive skin.

Hemp oil is not highly stable oil. , so we added Vitamin E to it. Use only in the evening or night

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Age: 35-44
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Worth the buy

Very good facial oil for combination skin during winters.

Age: 16-24
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Light and refreshing oil!

This oil is light and suits my oily and acne prone skin. Also, since this is winter it's providing my skin with the much needed moisture. Just 2 drops and you're good to go! Always use this at night/evening as mentioned.

Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Dry / Normal, Dry + Pigmentation

I have pcod, hence acne with dry skin. No other oil suited me like this one.
It hydrates skin without being too oily.
Surely a must try it you have dry skin.

Age: 16-24
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Magic in a bottle !

This has been such a blessing for me ! From first use I could see my acne scars lighten. The redness and the inflammation gradually reduced over regular usage and my skin looks so much better. The oil secretion has actually decreased a lot and so had the occurrence of new acne. This oil really is magical. It gets absorbed within a few minutes but make sure to use it only at night. Three drops is more than enough !!

Age: 25-34
Skin Type:  Acne + Oily
Perfect night companion to my skincare

This oil has make my skin smoother, controlled my oils and moreover helped maintain the health of my acne prone oily skin. It helps keep my inflammation at Bay. Hemp and germanium together are amazing for your skin and mine. Just 2 drops and it completes my skincare routine. I've noticed my oils are more controlled and I don't get as much breakouts as before ♥️ would 100% recommend this

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