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Acne is basically a clogged pore which is either infected (a pimple ) or non-infected which is a whitehead or blackhead. Let's look the causes and how it's formed.

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Skincare fundamentals

Never over cleanse your skin, Our sebum has Vitamin E and when we cleanse our sebum is taken away. So we will miss the magic of Vitamin E. So cleanse only in the nights. Always use a moisturiser this brings skin to its normal pH and moisturised skin is less prone to any damnage, even sun damage. If you are oily, a light weight serum or a Floral water (Alcohol free toner) is sufficent. 

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Why should you Exfoliate your skin?

The first step to clear and Glowing skin is exfoliation. As we age our skin CELL TURNOVER RATE slows down. Cell turnover is the process by which our skin produces new skin cells which travel from the lowest layer to the top layer and then shed off the skin.  Below is the skin turnover rate according to age, Babies - every14 days  Teenage every 21-28 days Forties - every  30-40 days Fifties above  every 42 - 84 days   The skin that we see is mostly layers of dead skin, which is dull. The dead skin cells should shed well,...

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Tan Removal - Lemon, Cucumber, Rosewater and Aloe Vera on skin

Lemon + Cucumber + Rosewater creates an exfoliating paste, which will be in acidic pH. It will work the same way as Glycolic acid or Lactic acid in creams. But the only problem is every time the strength and pH of the product you use is not fixed. This is how exfoliants work, Exfoliants remove dead skin (not live skin) due to which you will have glowing skin on the surface (surface is what everyone sees!) Also the rate at which new skin cells grow is fastened, which means that you have younger skin Exfoliants were used since the times...

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4 wrong ways of handling acne prone skin

4 wrong ways of handling acne prone skin You might be very tempted to Pick your pimple for an emergency, But you can only do so if you want a scar or more pimples the next day.         "Acne is actually a blocked pore and its filled with oil, bacteria and inflammation. And if you disturb it, you can actually burst the delicate balloon  and then the stuff spreads around causing more breakouts."   Here are 4 No’s for acne Scrubbing - physical scrubs that are scratchy can cause more tear to the skins surface and also will...

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