4 wrong ways of handling acne prone skin

4 wrong ways of handling acne prone skin

You might be very tempted to Pick your pimple for an emergency, But you can only do so if you want a scar or more pimples the next day. 

What happens if your acne ruptures 

     "Acne is actually a blocked pore and its filled with oil, bacteria and inflammation. And if you disturb it, you can actually burst the delicate balloon  and then the stuff spreads around causing more breakouts."


Here are 4 No’s for acne

Scrubbing - physical scrubs that are scratchy can cause more tear to the skins surface and also will cause inflammation to spread below skins surface to cause more pimples in surrounding areas 

Picking - If you try to pick a pimple it will often leave you ugly scar plus you will have more pimples around. 

Applying products - you might also be tempted to put presseure on skin while applying face wash, lotion. This should also be avoided, skincare produts do work on contact with skin. If penetration of products is required thwy are desinged with penetration enhancers. Your dont need to put pressure on skin unless you want a maggage for your facial muscles.

Massaging - Even if you like massaging skin, it should be avoided it a all costs when acne is present.

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