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10 skincare tips for oily skin

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 Oily Skincare Tips

Oily skin is the best skin types as it ages much slower than dry skin. But only if you know how to take care of it properly. Else you will end up with excessive oily skin or acne or dehydrated skin.That why we highly recommend you to follow these simple tips. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Here few things you should take care of  your CTM for Oily Skin



Never , EVER use any products that dry your skin. Including face washes and face masks which make your skin feels tight after use. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

So what should an ideal cleanser do:

A cleanser should remove impurities and stuff like sunscreen and makeup. So every evening you should be ideally using micellar water or facewash that is not drying to your skin.⠀


But how can one know if that cleanser suits us or not ?

We highly recommend  you to do the 10 Min Facewash Test:

Wash your face and wait for 10 min without applying any other product. Check if your skin feels tight or dry. If yes then you should switch to a milder face wash or use lesser amount of facewash.⠀


Quick Ingredient check you can do :

In general avoid facewash with Sodium Laurayl Sulfate -SLS. But even if they don’t contain SLS, check if they are drying to your skin. As everyone’s skin can tolerate different levels of cleansing.


Do we need it at all, well read through to know more.

Toners were originally invented to correct the pH of skin, when people used soap (pH 9+), they used toner to bring down the pH.

Toners may not be needed if you use a gentle pH friendly facewash. If you are using them, use a hydrating ones free from alcohol

Quick Ingredient Check: 

Never use astringent toners with alcohols. As they irritate skin and can lead to further problems.⠀


Moisturizer is a must for all skin types. But your skin already contains oils. So it’s best to use light hydrating gels. And existing oils in your skin will work as sealants to prevent water from escaping the skins layers.

Quick Ingredient check:Skins hydration(water) levels are so important for healthy functioning of skin. So use moisturisers rich in glycerin, Hyaluronic acid etc.

Dehydrated skin can be reactive and produce more oils, this is why the more you wash ur face the more oily you get by afternoon.

We can sense you nodding your head ! also remember a dehydrated skin can get more damaged due to sun.

Ingredients like Niacinamide can help in skin functioning well, makes it more hydrated less prone to acne, it also lightens darkspots


Vitamin C is your friend. Since you can’t use oil based Vitamins like E, you can use C to get the glow.

Regular exfoliation can keep your skin clear from blocked pores. blocked pores are actually formed by dead skin cells


Green Tea should be your best friend. Not only it’s one of the best anti oxidant ( or I would call it most studied herbs till date), it reduces sun damage, reduces oiliness, reduces pimples.

You can check these products from Suganda.co. It works great for Oily skin                                           

Suganda White Lotus Moisturiser           SUGANDA WHITE LOTUS MOISTURISER

      • Super Hydrating and Calming.
      • Lightens dark spots.
      • Free from Oil and Silicones.

        Suitable for Oily/Combination skin. Dry skin can use it as hydrating serum. 
        Use it in your Morning and Evening routine after cleansing. 



Suganda Neem Green Tea face cleanser


  • Oily and acne prone skin.
  • Control oiliness, breakouts .
  • Helps with Sun Damage.
  • A fantastic anti-ageing Mask for oily skin.
  • Suited for sensitive skin.

Suitable for Oily/Combination skin. Mix a tea spoon of honey with this mask along with honey and little warm water. Apply this as a mask and wash it off. 


BHA Serum


  • Clears Pores from deep inside.
  • Reduces acne
  • Has Anti bacterial and Anti Inflammatory properties.

Apply few drops on fingers and tap gently all over face on a cleansed face. Follow up with regular Moisturiser. Start using every alternate day. Can be used in the morning or evening. 


Incase you still have any doubts or queries on how to choose our products, you can DM us on Suganda's Instagram or Suganda's Facebook page.

All Suganda.co products are free from toxic chemicals such as Parabens, Triclosans, Artificial Musks, Phthalates, SLS,  SLES, PPD, Petroleum Jelly, and Silicones 

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  • Suparna on

    Hi, I want go explore acid based skincare but a bit skeptical as my skin is super sensitive. My skin is very oily and i get occasional acne. My age is 30. Please suggest a suitable skincare regime.
    I have already ordered your White Lotus Moisturiser which is yet to arrive.

  • Krishna Nair on

    Hi, my skin looks dull and is oily type. I have pitted scars on my cheeks, although they are shallow scars but very annoying. Please suggest some products for that. I do not have any active acne at present.

  • Sanjusha Nethula on

    Hi Mine is oily and pigmented sun damaged skin with plenty of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose Can u please suggest me which serum or combination of serums to use.??

  • Aamani on

    Thank u for such an elaborate post

  • Dr.Razia on

    Hi plz suggests me under eye wrinkle

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